These are our services:

We add value to companies in South Africa by providing the five valuable services in order to
increase their growth and development accompanied by profitability to our clients.

Social Media Marketing and advertisement

We are specialists in social media marketing and advertisement. Using the latest technology to develop
new marketing strategies. We help companies to penetrate a very saturated industry through innovative
technology and creative ideas on all social media platforms.

Direct Marketing and publication

Eagle Eye News have 3 million direct contacts in South Africa on our WhatsApp network. We deal directly
with your clients regarding new products and improved services of your company on our weekly

Weekly promotions

Our promotional equipment are tailor made for your company needs to help put your products in the
public view and have the luxury of accessing three million viewers on our media network. We identify an
area with good public view in 150 towns around South Africa where we display your company products
and broadcast these public promotional events live to our media network.

Building reputation

Reputation is everything in today’s ever increasing market with global competition. In our organisation we
have reputation specialists who write and portray good image for your company.

Public Relations

It is our passion to create good public relations of our clients with the rest of the market through active
stakeholders’ engagement and involvement of all role players in order to achieve company’s target.